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We're Committed.

As the world’s largest collegiate hackathon, we recognize that tech spaces need to do more to welcome historically underrepresented minorities in STEM and create environments where hackers of marginalized backgrounds can thrive.

Hackathons @ Berkeley is committed to facilitating an empowering event which all hackers can enjoy. Here are some ways we’re encouraging accessibility for hackers of diverse backgrounds, and building a thoughtful, inclusive 9.0.

Don't worry, we're beginner-friendly...

Feeling nervous as a hackathon novice? We’d love for our events to serve as one of your entry points to tech and entrepreneurship. Each year, sponsors and student organizations host workshops for a range of experience levels, including beginners who are looking to pick up a new skill or stack! Here are some of our staples…

  • > Intro to Web Development
  • > Beginner's Guide to GitHub
  • > Intro to Figma
  • frog ddoski

    ...and our prizes are too!

  • > Cub's First Hackathon Track
  • We love to see the courage and creativity of hackers breaking into tech for the first time — if your team comprises completely of hackers who have never entered a hackathon before, you can submit your project for our Baby’s First Hackathon track.

    But even if this isn’t your first rodeo, we value hackers whose motivations are to empower marginalised communities through their projects.

    To learn more about projects and tracks, check out our FAQ.

    cowboy ddoski

    We’re here for positive growth, inside-out.

    Hackathons @ Berkeley is brought to you by a team of...

    twenty-nine directors | from 7 majors | with two-thirds of our team leads from underrepresented genders in tech.

    Our team is dedicated to bringing a range of opinions, insights, and values to lovingly craft your hackathon experience.

    Of course, we’re not perfect. If you have ideas, suggestions, or a potential partnership in mind to make our events a more welcoming space, shoot us a message!