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About Us

We're a nonprofit organization composed of students passionate about fostering a culture of hacking, entrepreneurship, and social good via the empowerment of technology.

Our mission is to empower others with technology to create solutions to better the world.



Cal Hacks, our flagship hackathon hosted in San Fransisco, is where the technology of the future is born.


A program for new hackers designed to make the hackathon experience less intimidating but more accessible!

Virtual Experiments


In Spring 2021, we said hello to the world - virtually, of course. Hackers from all over the world created, innovated, and designed in this 36-hour hackathon.

Hack Month

In Fall 2020, Hackathons at Berkeley hosted a month long initiative to foster a love for creating and rediscover the fun in building for university students during the virtual semester.


In Spring 2020, Hackathons at Berkeley launched a global online hackathon to foster innovative and technical solutions to challenges faced around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Team

Have a question for us? Email [email protected].

Beyond Hackathons at Berkeley

Our members and alumni have continued their success through internships and full-time employment across a variety of industries.